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Get Lost (in the Maze)

I have just come back from Banff, Scotland (my home town) where I made a maze from thousands of strands of yarn which was part of the Coast Festival in Banff castle grounds. It was quite a challenge, so I wanted to show you ‘the making of’ but in the end we created a 10 meter by 10 meter labyrinth!
I couldn’t have done it without all the help from local volunteers- including 6 firemen who put all the posts in, Matt, Leanne, Lynne, Paloma, Omar, Alice, Maureen, Maddie, Kate, and the 3 ladies from Aberdeenshire Council, who worked through the torrential rain while we were making it. I love the Scottish weather!
a long way to go!
(image courtesy of Aberdeenshire Council)
We got there, after 11 hours of wrapping, cutting, twisting and raining!
 The best part was seeing people running around using it, and getting a bit lost in it… made it all worth while.

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