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Hebridean Huts and Houses

Just got back from a lovely holiday in the Scottish Hebrides. I wanted to share with you some of the little huts that are sparingly sprinkled around the remote islands.  Most of them would have been used as weavers huts, as nearly all of the crofters would weave Harris Tweed in any spare time they had.
Some of the huts are now quite run down and derelict, but that made them even more intriguing to me. The little tin roofs and painted windows, look almost like tired little faces, with cracks as their wrinkles!
 I love the little tin baths inside this one
 what an amazing colour!
 some were so small against the fantastic backdrop of the hills
Jonathon Meades did a fantastic documentary on the isle of Lewis called Isle of rust for BBC4  showing abandoned vehicles rusting away in the middle of the peat bogs. 
I love the contrast of the net curtains against the corrugated iron.  Hope you like these. I think you will be seeing some of these themes creeping into my work soon!

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