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One of the Reasons Why We Do What We Do!

 “With all the technology, all the activities that happen in the virtual world, you can lose contact with real things. I think that’s where we come in. Things that aren’t mass-produced have a character of their own, and the imperfections are part of it.”

I read this really nice article about Labour and Wait , a lovely hardware shop.  http://labourandwait.co.uk/
have a read:


 The photo is of a pile of fox scarves in the studio ready to be packaged up, they have just had their eyes sewn on. Last year we underestimated the amount of fox scarves we’d need to get us through Christmas, so Erin has made it her mission to be very prepared this year! 

Bob knits the lambswool fabric, we wash and dry it and then Kate and Imogen and Kristina do the laying out and the sewing, followed by turning inside out, sewing up and labeling. Then they each get their eyes and noses hand stitched on, and like most of our creatures the eyes give the piece their own unique character. Each one is slightly different and that’s what makes them special, you just wouldn’t get that from a massproduced item made in a big factory far away.

Just thought you’d like to know some of the processes we use. 


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