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And the winners are….

  Thank you so much for all your lovely suggestions for our June and July giveaway. So much fun to read them all, I wish I could give everything something for taking part, but we have to choose 2 winners only-

These were chosen at random, so please get in touch by email and we’ll send you the prize- 

Flora who said…


“I love to sail in all kind of weathers,
The fresh salty breeze a-ruffling my feathers”

and Louisa Elise  who said…

‘Please, don’t eat me! I’m not as tasty as you think I am!’
also still trying to get in touch with Julia Hausfrau, who won the last givaway!
contact Krisitna on [email protected]
thanks again! and August’s give away will be coming up at the end of the month.


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