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Donna Wilson and Rococo Chocolate Easter Eggs

I’m excited to show you a sneak preview of our chocolate eggs, designed for Rococo chocolate. These eggs are all hand painted, and yes… it’s the yummiest chocolate ever!
2 Hand painted eggs which come in a Rococo gift box with a clear lid, 100g weight £13.95.
Please contact us for pre-orders at [email protected], or keep an eye on our website where they will be available before Easter.
Hand painted chick in a Rococo Box filled with 6 Rococo ganaches 160g £25.00
Hand painted bunny in a Rococo Box filled with 3 Rococo ganaches 70g £17.50
Hand painted lamb in a Rococo Box filled with 6 Rococo ganaches and 4 mixed chocolates 220g £35.00. And the piece de resistance…. a food chain……..
3 ganaches inside the carrot, which is inside the rabbit which is inside the fox! 220g £55.00
And finally…  very sweet little bunny eggs 50g, sold separately (also owl, and pussycat designs, with a Rococo bone china egg cup.
Hope you all love them as much as I do. Rococo is a fantastic company, who do lots of amazing delicious chocolate, made in the UK- see their site www.rococochocolates.com

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