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My Japan Tour

This June, I have been asked by Art Print Japan to produce some drawings which they will reproduce and sell as prints around Japan.
It’s a long time since I visited Japan – 2006 just after I’d started the company.
I went over in the August with my mum and aunt with our suitcases filled with knitted trees and creatures!
We set up a show at Trico ‘s gallery and after that Trico became my distributor for the last 6 years. I remember returning from the trip feeling so inspired, I’d had a fantastic time. Then I got my first order from them …. Up till then I was making everything on my own with one domestic knitting machine. Well, the order came through- 20 Cyril squirrels, 30 rills, 50 Charlie monkeys, 1000’s of felt coasters etc etc ! Luckily I got a phone call from a girl I’d briefly taught at Grays in Aberdeen- she asked if I needed any help… I said yes could you come and help for a couple of months? Louise came and we made the order, and it didn’t really stop, Louise ended up staying for more than 4 years!!
So I have a big soft spot for Trico, and Japan and I’m so excited to be going again, this time we are travelling around for almost 3 weeks!
Here’s a map of the places we’ll be visiting and meeting people.
I have to produce around 160 illustrations before I go so will post a few on the blog to show you how it’s going! Some of these will be reproduced as giclee prints and prints on canvas, and some will be sold as an original.

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