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Sheltering From The Rain Show – Tokyo

I’m delighted to announce my solo show at Trico in Tokyo this June. 
It’s rainy season in Japan, so we’ve called it Sheltering From The Rain.
The show will be a mixture of illustrations- some of you may have seen my #owladay, #foxaday and now #squirreladay on Twitter!
As well as new knitted trees, rain, new creatures and one-off pieces of wrapped Ercol furniture.
Here are the opening details:
Sheltering From The Rain
Donna Wilson Exhibition in Tokyo, June 2012 
Venue: (Trico Showroom 2F) Gallery  
6 – 24 June

Opening Times: 12:00 to 18:00
Closed on Wednesday  

Admission: Free 
Trico International 03-3532-1901: Contact [email protected]


Here is the press release for the show:

Donna Wilson is coming to Japan this June! Three-dimensional work, newly produced illustrations, hand-wrapped furniture collaborations with the company Akoru. Donna Wilson will be presenting the full tactile, beauty of her textile world. During the exhibition, guests can purchase limited edition prints which will be signed by Donna during the show.
 Invitation to the opening party for those who are members of the Trico website, we invite you to the reception party held on Friday 8th June. For those who wish to attend, take this opportunity to register, free at www.bytrico.comFrom the screen after login, go to [shelter] reception party invitations. Please bring your invitation with you on your mobile phone or printed on paper
After that I will be embarking on a 16 day tour of Japan, signing prints, if you’re nearby please pop in to say hello. Here are the dates and places:

Donna Wilson Japan tour 
signing session is from 14:00-16:00 at the each deparment store.

/6(W)日本橋高島屋Tokyo, Nihonnbasi Toakashimaya 
/7(T)新宿伊勢丹 Tokyo, Shinjyuku Isetan 
/8(F)玉川高島屋 Tokyo,Tamagawa Toakashimaya 
/9(S)仙台三越Sendai, Mitsukosi 
/10(S福岡三越Fukuoka, Mitsukosi


/13(W)いよてつ髙島屋Matsuyama, Toakashimaya




/16(S)京都伊勢丹Kyoto, Isetan
/17(S名古屋髙島屋Nagoya, Toakashimaya
/18(M)大阪髙島屋Osaka, Toakashimaya
/19(T)立川伊勢丹Tokyo,Tachikawa Isetan 



Phew! I’m so excited to be seeing the country like this, a big perk of the job!!

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