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Our Souvenir Project for Create London

CREATE Souvenirs
A CREATE commission
CREATE has commissioned designer and online retailer Thorsten van Elten to work with five designers: Barnaby Barford, Ed Carpenter, André Klauser, Dominic Wilcox and Donna Wilson to create well-considered souvenirs, all made in the UK. The designs include a series of three exercise books that illustrate some of the best places to exercise, a cast iron multi-purpose paperweight/bookend/doorstop based on Regent’s Canal mooring bollards made in a local foundry and a series of ceramic miniature east London landmark houses and shops. They will draw on the heritage of east London and be the desirable antidote to the overly-commercial, tacky souvenirs on sale across London this summer. On sale in select shops and online via the CREATE website from 21 June.
Here’s a sneaky peak at our one- and due to launch just in time for the olympics!!
Swimmer, Gymnast and Cyclist exercise books, with a map of some selected east London parks and places to cycle,swim or do gymnastics! They will come in s set of three, so we’ll let you know when they are available.


CREATE brings inspiring, engaging art and performance to hundreds of thousands of people. By building virtuous circles between artists, creative organisations and locals, we strive to nurture and grow the creative ambitions of our community.
We bring art out of traditional spaces and into east London’s parks, playgrounds, rooftops and tucked-away places. CREATE invites people to explore the city every summer and to jump feet-first into the extraordinary projects and performances they encounter. We commission and produce work by emerging local artists and established international figures, and bring our young residents behind the scenes with a programme of workshops, skills development and job placements.
Our conviction is in the power of art to offer new perspectives on community life, provoking healthy debate and encouraging constructive change and social progress. In a part of London with the highest concentration of artists and creative businesses in Europe, but some of the lowest levels of cultural engagement, we work to bridge traditional divides of class, education and social background with art that is ambitious, exciting and joyful.
CREATE is proud to have worked with Assemble, Jason Bruges, Caught by the River, Duckie, Punchdrunk, Sukhdev Sandhu, Joshua Sofaer, Something & Son, Somewhere To, Michael Smith, Station House Opera, Studio Weave, Gavin Turk, Richard Wentworth, You Me Bum Bum Train and Theodore Zeldin.
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