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Little Houses of Iceland, Old and New

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know my love for little old houses.
Having just returned from a trip around Iceland, I have some Icelandic houses old and new to show you. Hope you find the interiors and exteriors as inspiring as I did.
 Icelandic farmers stayed in these grass covered houses – this one was built in the 1860’s, some were still lived in until the 1930’s.
 beds for life- they were extendable both width ways and length ways
 The loom was in the attic room
 all the farms had their own church
 bottom was made from stone, and top part was made with peat so very insulated. But they must have got very cold (and dark) in the winter.
 we had hot chocolate and fresh pancakes here, it was soooo beautiful
this man is now in his 80’s and still lives there.
 modern houses are painted in beautiful ice cream colours- and mostly made from corrugated aluminium.
some Icelandic tapestry
 Little houses for the little fairy folk
 I love the colours of the paint they used.
 I saw quite a few of these intricate beaded pieces in the churches
 a moden cafe in Reykjavik 

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