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Make Something: a collaboration with John Lewis + January giveaway!

Happy new year to all! In the spirit of new beginnings and the hope of great things to come this year, we are offering our Oak Leaf Tree Cushion for our January giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, please submit a few lines about new beginnings and fresh starts as a comment on this blog post! And don’t forget to include your email address so we can contact you for your address if you’re a winner! 🙂

And this month we are also very proud to present to you Donna’s most recent collaboration with John Lewis:

Make Something is a collection of knitting, sewing, and other craft-oriented accessories designed by Donna with the hopes of promoting hobbies and activities that give people a chance to use their hands. These days, so much of what we do involves looking at a screen or interacting with a device. Nearly everything seems to be turning virtual and as a result, we can easily lose touch with the tangible world around us and our ability to use our hands and be creative.
This range was designed with this in mind, and the idea that maybe we could benefit from taking some time out every now and then to slow down and make something!


The collection includes handy totes, knitting cases, sewing kits, and more, all available at John Lewis stores and online.

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