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Our New Hobby Horses are here!

15 May 2015

Our Zebra, Llama, and Giraffe Hobby Horses are finally here!

Donna’s newest creations were inspired by the countless afternoons she spent as a child on make-believe adventures, and with our woolly modern day take on this very traditional toy (did you know hobby horses have been around since the 1500s?!), we hope to encourage the same sense of simple joy derived from imaginative playing.

Hobby Horses blog

Each hobby horse is handmade in our London studio!
First, the lambswool is knitted and washed, and this takes a couple days. Our head seamstress then sews out the shape, adding the mane along the way. Then she turns it inside out and stuffs it with polyester filling. The eyes and other facial features are then hand-embroidered, and the reins are added too. Finally, the stick is added and it’s finished with the band at the neck! And just like that, a woolly hobby horse is born!

We hope you like them and that they inspire many a cheery hop around the house!
Available on our website here.