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Now in stock: New Wild Things!

The Curious Capybara Bean Bag, the Lovesick Llama, the Humble Hedgehog, and the Mellow Meerkat have just arrived at our studio! These friendly creatures join Donna’s Wild Things collection, a group of cotton corduroy toys and room accessories for kids.



Designed especially with play in mind, the collection is made of durable and machine-washable materials. The new Capybara, Llama, Hedgehog, and Meerkat are all made of cotton corduroy, as are the other pieces in the range.

As a mum herself, Donna wanted to create a special range of toys that allow children to be their wild and free selves, and encourage imaginative, carefree playing.

And speaking of being a mum, Donna and her family have just welcomed a new arrival— a sweet baby brother for Eli!

Congrats to Donna, Jon, and Eli! x

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