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Creature Comforts

Choose colourful creature comforts to keep off the chills. We have a medley of fun knitted accessories for you and your little one this autumn. Each one is full of personality and made in Scotland with the softest lambswool.

Fox Shawl - Orange


Fox shawl is our newest design. Let him wrap around you and keep you cosy.

Snake Scarf - Mint PeachSnake Scarf - Mustard Peach

New colours of Kids Snake scarf for 2016!


Kids Scarf Tiger

Give a Roar! Kids Tiger scarf

DONNA_WILSON_Mini Swan Scarf WhiteDONNA_WILSON_Swan-Scarf-White

DONNA_WILSON_Mini-Swan-Scarf-Black DONNA_WILSON_Swan-Scarf-Black


Swan scarf for little and big people.

Panda ShawlBear-Shawl-800x800


Panda and Bear shawl

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