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Home Inspiration: Special Day Decoration Ideas

donna wilson wedding colour

Party time! I hope these decoration ideas inspire your special day, whether you’re planning a wedding, a special garden party or an impromptu excuse to celebrate summer.

Details Details: (Pictured above) my bespoke knitted arrows leading the way at YSP my Endanger Species art installation in 2012. Donna Wilson faces plates, Greg and Grace. DIY Daisy backdrop by The House That Lars Built. Bright Mexican paper flower backdrop, quirky wooden stools for each little guest.

donna wilson wedding decoration

Decorations: I love spending time outdoors. The way the sunlight changes throughout the day is so magic. Simple decorations made out of paper are so easy and using coloured paper make a mega impact. Here’s DIY paper flowers here’s the how to guide for these realistic looking ones. For something more extravagant I’d love to get my friend Tord Boontje is so masterful with delicate natural floral shapes. I have this same lamp (see picture above top left) as a focal feature in my bathroom at home. Real flowers are also so classic. I love my regular delivery from Freddie’s Flowers. My sister makes such wonderful displays, foraging country flowers and displays them in vintage vases. Here’s my Bird Jug with freshly picked blossoms (photo by Erin McIntyre).

Cakes Designs: As you know, I use nature as inspiration for much of my work. Edible decorations on the top of cakes and pies make great table settings. A fruit pie with delicately shaped pastry leaves by Judy Kim on FeedFeed, herb infused pastel cakes by A Subtle Revelry. fig and blackberry cake (with a hint of decorative rosemary by Twigg Studio. Also pictured are Donna Wilson Forest and Acorn Dinner Plate and dream Mendels cake tower from Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel.

donna wilson wedding cakes

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