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#mydonnawilson: Meet Pepper Schmidt

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

#mydonnawilson is an interior inspiration series where each month we ask some of our favourite people to showcase our products in their homes. Not only does this mean we get to peek into some beautiful houses and apartments, but we also get to know a little bit about the owners – and their interior design tips.

This month’s influencer is blogger Pepper Schmidt, who’s been busy making-over the living room of her family home in the south of Germany…

My name is Pepper Schmidt.

I work in Print Media, but right now I’m on maternity leave. In my free time, I write a blog called Heimatbaum about living, travelling, and my family. We live in the south of Germany in a small village called Muhlhausen. Our house is surrounded by fields and trees, and we love to step out of the house to enjoy nature. I grew up here and I like to live in the countryside. Big cities like Heidelberg, Mannheim and Karlsruhe are easy to reach from here, so we have the benefit of both the peace of nature and the culture and shopping of the city.

My style changes so fast – it’s hard to say what it really is, as it is constantly flowing!

At the moment it is a mixture of vintage industrial, Scandinavian elements and some ethnic vibes. I think if you’re creating a personal home for four people, it’s not possible to have one constant style. Our two children live here, so they should also have an opportunity to add their own style. And of course my husband should also feel comfy with our interiors, so there is a combination of shades of pink, Star Wars, decorative toys and original design pieces.

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

My favourite room is definitely the living room.

It has an old door, a huge, cosy sofa and colourful spots everywhere. This is where we spend most of our time in the day, reading books, playing, or just cuddling on the sofa. I love how the room has changed from how it was at the beginning. It’s like a presentation of the things we love, as all our favourite items are displayed here.

My most treasured object is the old door in our living room.

When my favourite cafe in the neighbouring village closed last year, I was the lucky person who got the front door! I had always dreamed of owning this door,  but I never guessed it could happen. It originally came from Hamburg, and we managed to install it in our open-plan living room/kitchen area. Now the two rooms are separated by this beautiful piece of wood.

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

Most of the items I have are from flea markets or eBay.

I like used things with patina and signs of wear, and I love special things that nobody else has. For new design objects, I love the online shop Connox.

Right now I have a big crush on colourful interiors.

I’m also a huge fan of Dutch interiors as I love the brick walls, the old wood and their relaxed style. I’m really looking forward to returning to The Netherlands in August to get some new inspiration.

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

As for what’s next on my interiors shopping list, I had to think hard about that…

The only thing I can think of would be some original Egon Eiermann chairs for the dining table. I would also love to have a life-size Iron Man or Storm Trooper!

What makes a house a home? 

To me, it’s a combination of furniture that tells a story, self-made art and personal collections, like my Kokeshi dolls for example. I love clean interiors, but only to look at, not to live in. 

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

Any home can be beautiful if the owners just stick to their own taste and style.

If you like colour, use it. Don’t ever think about what others may think of your home. Only you and your family live there, so it should fit your needs and not a common trend.

Shop Pepper’s #mydonnawilson:

Charlie Monkey

Meddling Monkey

Mushroom Shaped Cushion

Round Balloon Cushion – Blue

Round Balloon Cushion – Orange

All photography by Pepper Schmidt.

You can see more of Pepper’s ever-evolving interior style on her website, and follow her on Instagram at @heimatbaum.

#mydonnawilson - Pepper Schmidt

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