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Save Our Oceans

If you’ve popped into a Tesco supermarket in the last few weeks, you may have spotted some special bags on the shelves.

My ‘Save Our Oceans’ shoppers are part of Tesco’s drive to move away from single-use plastic bags. Not only are they designed to be reused, but each bag has been made by a company called Jutexpo from four recycled plastic bottles that might otherwise have ended up in landfill or found their way into our seas and waterways. Talented paper artist and animator Eleanor Stewart, director of Glasgow-based independent animation studio Clubhouse, created this fun stop-motion film to illustrate the process.


They’re made from a recycled polyester fabric, rPet, which is just as strong as traditional polyester but produces less CO₂ emissions and doesn’t require petroleum to create. Plus they can be recycled in fabric recycling stations at the end of their life.

I’m so happy to be doing my bit to help discourage single plastic usage. The design of the bag is a bold, graphic statement and I hope it serves as a positive reminder each time it’s used. It’s an issue I feel really passionate about – if everyone can make just a few small changes, together we can make a big difference and help save our oceans.

The ‘Save Our Oceans’ bag is priced at £1.25 and is available exclusively in selected Tesco stores and online while stocks last.

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