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Tag: commissions

  • Exclusive Collection for the Fogo Island Inn

    You may remember, a few years ago Donna was asked to be part of the design team led by Ilse Crawford working on the interiors of the Fogo Island Inn on Fogo, a remote island off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The island had around 2,000 inhabitants, and the population was dwindling. An amazing woman

  • Aberdeenshire Council Tartan Commission

    Hi everyone, We’re very happy to announce that the Aberdeenshire Tartan is now complete! You may remember reading about the start of this project in one of our earlier blog posts here. Commissioned by the Aberdeenshire Council for the Be Part of The Picture Project, the new Aberdeenshire tartan was designed by Donna Wilson with

  • Fogo Island Inn

    Design for the Fogo Island Inn

    A couple of years ago, I was asked to visit the most remote Island called Fogo Island. Off the coast of Newfoundland the island had around 2,000 inhabitants, and the population is dwindling.  An amazing woman called Zita Cobb was born there, and after a successful career in Canada, she had decided to set up