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Ne-net x Donna Wilson additions!

21 June 2016

Due to popular demand, we have been able to get our hands on a few more pieces of our special Ne-net x Donna Wilson collection! Available to buy directly from our website now.

There are three styles of kids cotton t-shirts with our favourite wild bunch.

Ne Net Kids T Shirt - Lion copy

We love these umbrellas!  It’s certainly a cheerful approach to our typically British weather! We got our mitts on some Rainy Day Umbrellas.


Donna Wilson Rainy Day Umbrella

Ne Net Cloud Umbrella_2_1Photo credit @Kazuaki_Takashima @hmrjpn @nenet_official

Talk & Workshop at CCC Gallery in Japan

28 October 2015

The opening weekend at the Center for Creative Communications included a talk and workshop with local fans and students led by Donna.

CCC Gallery’s objectives with the talk and workshop this weekend were to explore Donna’s inspirations behind her magical wonderland and the ways Donna has built her independent brand while maintaining its focus on handmade quality and craftsmanship.

Take a look at some of the snapshots from the weekend’s talk and workshop – what fun!












Click here for more information about the exhibition and related events.

My Imaginary Wonderland at CCC Gallery in Japan

28 October 2015

This weekend saw the opening of ‘My Imaginary Wonderland,’ the Donna Wilson exhibition with CCC Gallery in Japan!

The installation showcases Donna’s favourite pieces from past and present, and demonstrates the range of Donna’s works in the past few years across several mediums, with an emphasis on her signature woolly pieces.

If you’re in Shizuoka, please stop by and say hello to Donna’s creations, big and small!

The Center for Creative Communications (CCC Gallery)
23rd October – 28th November 2015
4-16 Ote-machi; Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City 420-0857
Tel. 054-205-4750 Fax.054-293-4332
Monday through Saturday, 9:00 – 21:00邵イツ€

Access from Public Transport
It is about a 7 minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station.
It is about a 2 minute walk from Shin-Shizuoka Station.

Click here for more information about the exhibition and related events.











Wilbur Visits Japan

23 June 2012

Fruits and Food of Japan

23 June 2012
Just back from a fantastic trip to Japan, so I’ll be sharing some photos with you for my next few blog posts.
Japan has some of the most amazing cuisine! we tried a lot of things that we wouldn’t normally, such as chicken heart, cow tongue ! Here are some pics of some of the most beautiful food and meals!
We were so surprised at the price of fruit, but found out that in Japan the fruit that you can buy in the shops has to all be uniform sizes, so anything that’s not is used for juice! so the fruit has to be perfect!
 green pancakes!
 These mangos were arounf £50 EACH!!
 These are cherries, presented so beautifully in boxes.  they were £105.00 per box!!
 A home cooked meal of chicken stock or tomoatoe stock, with veg and meet, so delicious!
 green leafy cakes
 I stared at these in the window for a long time!
Panda bun

1000 Paper Cranes – Hiroshima

14 June 2012

As you all probably know I’m lucky enough to be doing a tour of Japan. Today we are in Hiroshima, where we visited the peace garden built on the site of the terrible atomic bomb.
Most people are overcome with sadness on visiting the site, but there is also a feeling of hope and prosperity. We learned a story about a girl who was affected by the bomb, she was caught in some black rain which was full of radiation. She battled her illness, but sadly died. During her illness she thought that if she could fold 1000 paper cranes ( origami birds) she might recover.
Now in the gardens there are lots of cases stuffed full of millions of paper cranes, all in beautiful rainbow colours and donated each year by school children. They were so beautiful and a symbol of hope and peace. Here are a few snaps x