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Go For Gold! Olympics Rio 2016

5 August 2016

Go For Gold! The Creatures are off to #Rio2016

We are buzzing here at the London studio for the beginning of the Rio Olympics 2016. Can you believe it was only 4 years ago that London hosted The Games right, and right on our doorstep!
We hope these thrilling events encourage you to get active and sporty. Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily to see what Donna’s colourful Creatures are up to at the Games!
This month we are offering something really special to celebrate. . .

When you buy any
#DonnaWilson Knitted Creature you will receive a specially designed gold medal! Everyone is a winner!

#DonnaWilsonOlympics #RioOlympics #Design #Animation Animation by Oliver’s Island 

Watch the Jumpers & Ice Cream film!

16 October 2014

We are so excited to finally share with you our short film which launched alongside our first knitwear collection! To celebrate the first the collection of women’s knitwear, Donna commissioned Oliver’s Island to produce a film. Together they take you through the four seasons… on a specially made carnival wheel!

You can watch the film below!

It was a ton of fun making it and we are so very proud of the results!
Please share with your friends!

Aberdeenshire Council Tartan Commission

13 June 2014

Hi everyone,

We’re very happy to announce that the Aberdeenshire Tartan is now complete! You may remember reading about the start of this project in one of our earlier blog posts here.

Commissioned by the Aberdeenshire Council for the Be Part of The Picture Project, the new Aberdeenshire tartan was designed by Donna Wilson with the help of local schoolchildren of the county. The children were asked to present the colours they felt best represented their area of Aberdeenshire.


With these suggestions, Donna designed Aberdeenshire’s new tartan featuring colours that draw directly from Aberdeenshire’s rich natural surroundings as well as elements of their cultural heritage, and which is completely unique to its namesake!

The colours that are featured in the tartan are:
Old Meldrum – A gold/copper inspired by the stills at the Glengarioch Distillery, and as one pupil point out- it’s also the colour of whisky!
Stonehaven – A pinky red seen in Aberdeenshire sunsets, and a colour often spotted at the infamous ‘Aunt Betty’s’ sweetshop in Stonehaven.
Aboyne – A frosty lichen green found in the Ladywood Forest.
Fraserburgh – A lilac/blue symbolising the seas and skies around Fraserburgh.
Kintore – A forest green from all the woodlands around Kintore.
Harvest – A barley colour that reminded Donna of the farm where she grew up, and her favourite time of year.
Peterhead – A minty green from the seas and sea spray of Peterhead.

Here’s a great video about the project, put together by the brilliant creative team Oliver’s Island, who accompanied Donna on her visits to the schools and the mill.

As a Scottish designer who grew up in Aberdeen, Donna feels very honoured to have been asked to design this very special tartan.

She adds: “Tartan is such an important part of our tradition and heritage, and we should never lose that. I hope to be able to make a difference to the manufacturers who will be weaving it and create something that will be a lasting symbol of Aberdeenshire.”
Donna is proud to be involved in the Be Part of the Picture project as it a program about celebrating the strengths of Aberdeenshire and showcasing the region as a place of beauty. The programme uses cultural and economic development projects to engage with local people and boost the sense of pride in Aberdeenshire’s communities.
Donna is pictured above with Aberdeenshire Provost Jill Webster in the Banffshire Journal.

We’re proud to say that the tartan is woven in Scotland and is now available by the meter, as well as in two very special scarves hand-finished in Donna’s London studio.

Available for purchase exclusively at www.donnawilson.com.

Donna Wilson for Mamas & Papas

20 November 2013

We are so proud to share with you news about some of Donna’s recent projects! First of these is Donna’s special edition baby buggy for Mamas & Papas!

1037J59WO_Donna_Wilson_Range VIP_feature_3_Urbo_2_DW_makers_mark

Mamas & Papas’ Creative Director Olivia Robinson commented: “We are all such fans of Donna Wilson’s designs here at Mamas & Papas. Collaborating with Donna has brought a really fun and unique style to our Urbo² collection.”

The special edition Donna Wilson buggy and accessories are now available in select Mamas & Papas stores as well as online here, and Mamas & Papas have also done this lovely little video, which you can view here or by clicking below!


Here’s a snapshot of the beautiful spread in the Mamas & Papas Autumn/Winter Lifestyle Magazine, which you can request for free on the Mamas & Papas website!

donna magalogue

And here’s what’s happening TONIGHT!

Please join us on Wednesday 20th November at 7pm for a Twitter party with Donna, hosted by Mamas & Papas. This is your chance to chat with Donna and ask her anything! Find out if becoming a mum has had any effect on her designs, what it was like to collaborate with Mamas & Papas, where her inspirations come from, and what her favourite parts about being a new mum are!

Mamas & Papas will also be doing a global giveaway! One lucky participant will win a special edition Donna Wilson Urbo 2 stroller with bassinet AND the matching accessories. All you have to do is take part in the twitter chat between 7-8pm GMT.

Donna’s twitter: @DonnaWilsonLtd
And don’t forget to tag #Urbo2ByDonnaWilson to ask questions and to qualify to win!

We hope to see you there! x

Studio Tour on Film by UPPERCASE

22 October 2012
Earlier in the summer we had a visit from Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE – a an inspiring magazine that features illustrators designers and lovely things. It’s “a magazine for the creative and curious.”
She filmed me talking about how I started, inspiration, how I work, as well as discussing a bit about the business side! At first I couldn’t believe how Scottish I sound (having lived in London for the last 12 years!), but I think it’s a really nice insight into how we work here… so enjoy!!

donna wilson from uppercasemag on Vimeo.

Click here to read the full article by Janine.
And here if you’re interested in getting current and back issues of the magazine.

Thanks so much Janine;  it was so lovely to meet you! x





Creatures Come to Life for Gideon Conn video

19 July 2010
I’m very excited to announce that my creatures have come to life, and taken part in a music video for a very talented musician Gideon Conn! I have been a fan of Gideon’s since I saw him play at Glastonbury a couple of years ago, and more or less stalked him since! This is one of my favourite songs too, so I was over the moon when he asked for my creatures to be the stars in the video.
Sharon Keighley (shazcakes@hotmail.com) made the animation in her spare room at home and in her spare time!! what a star! She’s worked on videos before for Gideon, and I’m sure you’ll start to recognize her trademark style.

I have so many fab stills to show you- please go and have a look at it on you tube for yourself!!
The song is called ‘The band will find a way into your heart’ and the video has a bit of romance in it!
Thanks Sharon, and Gideon we all really enjoyed working with you!